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Denham’s empire has once again expanded on home turf, and this time with a so-called Denim Bar that’s exclusively towards a female clientele. The new shop sits right next to the denim brand’s existing women’s boutique, and around the corner from its imposing canal-side design studio and headquarters in Amsterdam’s scenic canal district.

Denim Bar Denham store 2 650x433 Denham, Denim Bar Denham Store

The new store occupies a 120 sqm. [1,292 sq.ft.] ground floor space and perfectly complements next door’s establishment as it’s entirely focused on women’s denim and the often tricky jean-selection process. In fact, the Denim Bar has rendered it into a fun experience, and that’s partially due to the cool and welcoming interior that Denham’s creative director Jason Denham has crafted with his longtime friend and in-house craftsman John Beedell.

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Dipped in a pristine white hue, the setting features all the hallmarks of a Denham shop yet combines these with new and unexpected additions that make it unique at the same time. Jason Denham’s admiration for Japanese culture is still obvious but manifests in different ways, most notably in suspended antique yoga bars that help display beautiful vintage props from the denim archive.

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Bespoke private dressing-rooms, inspired by beach huts in the seaside resort of Brighton add a playful touch to the interior. Another striking element is an intricately made indigo painting by colombian artist Juan Manuel Gomez. The women’s Denim Bar carries the brand’s full range of five-pocket offerings in a variety of washes, supplemented by matching key pieces from the women’s collection, and footwear from converse, nike and the last conspiracy.

Source : Superfuture

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